I got some new shoes. Not out of choice, but out of necessity. I tend to wear my shoes, especially my Chuck Taylors, until there are holes worn in the bottom of them. The holes don’t bother me much in high summer, but it’s not summer yet, it’s late spring, and in Portland that means a lot of rain. Rain and holes-in-shoes is not an acceptable situation. I kept joking, to Kate, about bringing my chucks to a cobbler—there are still cobblers, but I’ve never been to one. But when a particularly rainy system parked itself over Portland for the past week, I broke down and got a brand new pair from Zappos. In fact, they arrived the day I was forced to use duct tape as an emergency measure on the old pair. Classy, I know.

So this new pair of Chucks arrived and I didn’t think too much about it. But wow. It was like my feet were getting hugs. There’s a device for dogs called a thundershirt that provides the feeling of a non-stop, reassuring hug. That’s what my feet feel like this week, like they’re each wearing a thundershirt. And these aren’t even *good* shoes, these are just crappy chucks! Imagine how good a decent pair of shoes would feel. It would probably make my head explode.

Not only do my feet feel good, but my whole body feels refreshed. My legs have more spring, I have more energy, and I swear that my head is clearer. All because these shoes are new. In a few more days they won’t feel new anymore and things will return to normal, but for now I’m amazed at what their newness is bringing to my life.

Therefore: go get yourself a new pair of shoes. Get a little spring in your step. Not only will your feet be better, but everything will be better. It’s kind of amazing.


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